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About Pet Dental Education

Pet Dental Education provides veterinary professionals accessible dentistry training and hands-on learning tailored to your practice needs. Trainings are done in your clinic on your own equipment. What does your team need to grow their dentistry skills?

Trainings are customized for your practice and team and can include radiography, pain management, periodontics, cleaning, instrument care, and client education.

About Denise


Denise received her Associate of Applied Science degree in Veterinary Technology from Madison Area Technical College in 2001, graduating with honors. She was subsequently licensed as a Veterinary Technician after passing the National Veterinary Technician Examination. After graduation, Denise continued employment at a general practice in West Allis, Wisconsin where she had worked during high school and throughout veterinary technician school, and soon developed her passion for veterinary dentistry. In 2003, Denise joined the team at a small animal practice in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin and quickly became the Primary Dental and Surgery Technician, vastly improving the quality of veterinary dentistry, anesthesia and pain management. During this time, she also worked at an emergency and specialty hospital as an emergency room technician and veterinary dental technician to the veterinary dentist on staff. In the spring of 2014, Denise moved from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Bonita Springs, Florida to work at Pet Dental Center, as the Lead Dental Technician and Continuing Education Director. Also in 2014, she became one of the few Veterinary Technician Specialists in Dentistry through the Academy of Veterinary Dental Technicians. In 2017 Denise founded Pet Dental Education, LLC, offering onsite training in various aspects of veterinary dentistry for veterinary hospitals nationwide as well as working as a dental educator for several companies and conferences. Following her passion for teaching and inspiring others, Denise is now a full-time educator for Pet Dental Education, LLC. Denise has lectured and taught wet labs internationally on topics ranging from veterinary dentistry for the technician and veterinarian, to improving standards of dental programs at individual animal hospitals.

Denise is a member of:

  • AVDT – Academy of Veterinary Dental Technicians

  • F4VD – Foundation for Veterinary Dentistry

  • AVDS – American Veterinary Dental Society

  • NAVTA – National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America

  • FVTA- Florida Veterinary Technician Association


Denise resides in Fort Myers, Florida with her husband and fur babies. She dedicates her time to improving oral care to the patients of veterinary hospitals across the country. She has passion for veterinary dentistry and strives to ignite that passion in others. She is a firm believer in improving the quality of our pets’ lives, one tooth at a time. In her free time, Denise enjoys spending time with her family and friends, being outdoors and traveling.


Wet Labs & Lectures

Dental Radiography Positioning and Techniques  RACE APPROVED

4 Hour Wet Lab

Please note: RACE approved for veterinarians and veterinary technicians.


This is a one-hour lecture discussing safety, terminology, normal and abnormal anatomy, basic pathology, and labial mounting of dental radiographs followed by hands on training. Learn how to obtain a diagnostic intraoral radiograph using the latest state of the art equipment taught by some the most highly trained veterinary technicians in veterinary dentistry.

Dental Prophylaxis RACE APPROVED

3 Hour Wet Lab

Please note: RACE approved for veterinarians and veterinary technicians.

A one-hour lecture explains instrument handling, cleaning and sharpening, the importance of proper cleaning technique, probing and charting. Following is a detailed, hands on wet lab provides instruction on the proper way to do a complete dental prophylaxis and oral examination including accurate charting. Learn how to properly handle instruments using the latest state of the art equipment taught by some the most highly trained veterinary technicians in veterinary dentistry. 

Nerve Blocks for Dentistry RACE APPROVED

1 Hour Wet Lab

A 30 minute lecture describes landmarks, drug doses, benefits, contraindications, and complications of dental regional blocks. Correct placement and administration of local block analgesia will be practiced.

Oral Anatomy & Terminology

50 min lecture

The first step to providing appropriate dental care to our patients is learning normal oral anatomy. This 50-minute lecture describes oral, skull, and tooth anatomy. The Triadan tooth numbering system and directional terminology is explained. This includes an introduction to charting and preparing for the dental cleaning. One will learn proper terminology and charting techniques along with being comfortable with the anatomy of the mouth, skull and teeth.

The Exam Room to The Dental Table

50 minute lecture

The complete dental procedure- From the pre-anesthetic exam to the discharge is explained. This lecture covers what one needs to do before putting an animal under anesthesia for a dental procedure including a physical exam, blood work, consent forms, anesthetic protocols, pain management, positioning, monitoring, basic instruments, and the steps of a dental procedure from induction to recovery to the patient walking out the door. Key points are: client education, communication, anesthetic monitoring, and performing/writing appropriate discharge instructions. Attendees will learn how to present all of the information so that clients can understand the value of high-quality dental care and be more compliant.

Dental & Oral Abnormalities

50 minute lecture

Learn to recognize the normal anatomy and learn abnormal dental and oral pathology. The proper treatment options for commonly seen pathology is discussed and described. Abbreviations according to the American Veterinary Dental College (AVDC) are used for commonly seen pathology and are discussed so proper dental charting can be performed

Feline Dentistry

50 minute lecture

Cats are not small dogs. This lecture covers the top oral pathology seen in cats. In depth descriptions of tooth resorption, stomatitis, squamous cell carcinoma, and periodontal disease in felines is described in detail. Learn the details of stomatitis/mucositis, the stages and types of tooth resorption, how to recognize squamous cell carcinoma, the appropriate treatment options and prognosis. Periodontal disease in cats is greatly under diagnosed and often overlooked. Learn what to do to diagnose periodontal disease in our feline friends and what to do to treat it.

Home Dental Care For Our Furry Friends

50 minute lecture

Help your clients understand the importance of oral care home products – from brushing, to gels, rinses, diets, chews and water additives. This lecture describes how the products work and why, so we are able to communicate the use to our clients for efficiently. Learn how to teach clients the tools they will need to succeed with a good oral care program at home. Now that the teeth are nice and clean, we need to teach the owner what to do at home. Topics include Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) approved products, how to demonstrate brushing, and what is inappropriate and appropriate for a pet to chew on

Endodontic Instruments and Root Canal Therapy

50 minute lecture

We can save teeth! Not every tooth needs to be extracted. Sometimes it’s better to keep the tooth instead of remove it. Learn what conditions warrant endodontic procedures. Veterinary technicians can assist the veterinarian perform endodontics once they know the procedure to help improve efficiency. The step by step process of a root canal therapy will be discussed along with the equipment and instruments needed.

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Carlos Gonzalez-Tirado DVM

We'd highly recommend Denise Rollings CVT, VTS(Dentistry) to anybody who wants to bring veterinary dentistry to the next level. We have utilized her training services several times for our team members. She is dedicated, knowledgable, expererienced with an easy teaching ability.

Kathryn Reeves, Patterson Veterinary Supply

Denise is an amazing teacher! I would totally recommend any training from her on Dentistry and Radiology!

Oral Surgery Specialist of Florida

"We have invited Denise to speak on multiple occasions, and each time she impresses us more and more."